A new voice for District 64

For too long real Tennesseans haven't had a voice in our state legislature.  
2018 is when that changes.

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Why am I running?

There are many reasons why I chose to run for this office, but two stand out when I ask myself this question.  The first and most important reason is accountability.  For too long it seems the hardworking men and women of Maury County have had representatives who feel they can say or do whatever they choose, careless to fact check their claims or seek evidence before speaking.  We are all busy and passionate people, and none of us have time to hear lies.  I view an elected official spreading falsehoods as an abuse of the office, and this is one of my main reasons to enter the realm of politics.  Before I make a claim I do my homework.  I also have an open door policy on debate and questions.  Have a tough question?  Are you frustrated about local politics?  Bring it my way - let's talk.  

I'm also running because I feel very passionately that the citizens of Maury County have been greatly underserved over the past several years.  We have real, pressing needs right at our doorstep.  Our traffic and commute times are increasing, schools are growing close to capacity, access to affordable healthcare is a tremendous issue, and seeking a solution for our solid waste and recycling is on the minds of many.  For too long elected officials in our area have worked for the "few" and not the "many."  If elected, I'll do my part to tirelessly seek a better future for the real folks living in our communities.  I believe in strongly representing working class families, and that's exactly what I'll do.  

Have a question or concern?  I would love to chat with you.  



On the Issues


We need to send a strong message to the TN State House:  Accept the Medicaid expansion now.  On the low end of the estimate, 250,000 additional Tennesseans would receive health coverage from this plan.  It's also expected that Obamacare premiums would go down with the acceptance of the expansion.  Expanding Medicaid can also help insure that we keep rural hospitals open.  Check out my Platform/Issues page for more information on Healthcare.

good jobs and living wages

While making Tennessee an awesome place for businesses to call home, the legislature needs to do its part to ensure that the jobs coming here pay good, livable wages to their employees.  I also support a modest and incremental increase in our minimum wage, helping to guarantee a living wage to all workers.  Read more about this on my Platform/Issues page. 


Valuing education is one of my most passionate concerns.  Not only do we need to better fund existing facilities and new construction, but we also need to place a higher value on the educators and staff members who make our schools great.  I support wage increases for faculty and staff of schools that reflects costs of living adjustments. Check out my Platform/Issues page for more information on education.

rural broadband access

In our digital age where technology is king, our rural communities are being left in the dust with little to no reliable high-speed internet access.  Business, education, and healthcare all rely on this internet infrastructure to thrive, especially in 2018.  Santa Fe, Culleoka, and parts of Mount Pleasant lack sufficient internet options.  Read more about this on my Platform/Issues page.  


Whether you drive or not, it's no secret that Tennessee's roads aren't exactly the best.  We have a long list of major road issues and projects to consider, not to mention an impressively large number of bridges and overpasses in need of immediate repair or replacement.  We need to seek actual solutions to these problems.  Check out my Platform/Issues page for more information on infrastructure

breaking partisan gridlock

I'll support a great idea whether you're a Democrat or a Republican.  I believe firmly in voting across the aisle whenever possible, and I believe this is the only way we can truly affect change.  Instead of engaging in partisan warfare, I want to bring a voice of change and resolution to the TN General Assembly.  Read more on my Platform/Issues page.  

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Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
— John F. Kennedy