About AJ

A native Tennessean. 

About AJ

AJ grew up in Columbia, Tennessee.  Raised by a family that greatly valued hard work, determination, and ambition, he learned from a young age that to be successful these things must be front of mind.  His parents have been small business owners and entrepreneurs since the late 1980's, but his family roots date back much longer than that.  

AJ's great-great-great-grandfather, Patrick Sullivan, settled here in 1851, choosing to raise his family not far from where Zion Presbyterian Church stands today.  AJ's family has lived in Maury County continuously since those early days, himself being a 6th generation resident of the area.  AJ is a graduate of Columbia Academy, Columbia State Community College, and of Middle Tennessee State University.   

In 2008, as a young entrepreneur in middle school, AJ launched his first business.  AJ Holmes Photography still operates today, and has served clients throughout the Southeast United States all the way to California.  In 2012, he won the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award, a scholarship that went towards his college education. 

In his past three years he has visited 41 states working on personal and professional photographic projects.  His focus has been on meeting people and hearing their stories from one end of the country to the other.  Now he wants to hear yours.  Have a question or concern?  Get in touch today and let him start working for you.  



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    6 generations

              AJ's great-great-great grandfather and family.                      Photographed in the 1870's in Mount Pleasant, TN.